In Surrey, London and the Home Counties

Bring the Outside – In

For those wanting a little more than a conservatory, the orangery is the ideal solution. Originally designed to house and grow exotic fruits and plans, orangeries became a symbol of wealth and status.

Nowadays they provide a beautiful alternative to the traditional conservatory. Designed with solid build columns, a partial solid ceiling, and the inclusion of a roof light, they are a well balanced mix of traditional build extensions and conservatories.

Looking to add living space to your home but with something a little more substantial than a fully glazed room? An orangery is a fantastic solution to your needs. Clearly not a full extension, orangeries offer a stylish addition to any house.

Traditional extensions can often take away valuable natural light from the property. Lantern roofs, that are traditionally used to add a touch of grandeur to conservatories have become an ideal solution to this problem. Alternatively you can opt for a roof light which sits flat against the roof surface.

A Selection Of Our Orangeries